Super gun

I`ve always wanted to try something unconventional. And since my father had been cutting guns for a long time, mainly from a shotgun, I thought I might as well give it a shot. So, I went to my father and immediately asked him if I could fire a shotgun, too. My father stared at me for a moment and told me it probably wouldn`t have been a good idea because a shotgun was a very powerful weapon, so he said it wouldn`t have been suitable for me and especially not for a woman. I wanted to try shooting, so I tried trying to talk my father out of it for another two months or so, but they lent it to me, but unfortunately, I didn`t succeed at all.

Try shooting.

But since my father found out you`d be interested in getting really seasoned, he and his friend agreed to take me to Prague, where there`s a really luxurious shooting range right now. And that the shooting range in Prague. I hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to expect. In the end, my father told me it would be a good alternative to me. And she says that while there are also shotguns for her, they won`t let me shoot, but they will let me shoot a classic and ordinary gun normally. And I wondered if I would enjoy it. Then I thought, why not give it a shot. So, I thanked my father, and I told him it was a really great idea.

The shooting is great!

And then when I got to Prague for the shooting range, I was really in for a nice surprise. He welcomed me there a very nice and experienced staff, so I was sure I was in good hands, and Of course I didn`t want someone ordinary who wasn`t familiar with it. I wanted to learn how to shoot perfectly, so I`m really excited and delighted that the community has found me some company, some Shooting Gallery in Prague, which has great experience and there are people out there who already have it taught and know how to hold a gun and also how to shoot.

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